Another Point for the Prepper Media!

Prepper Media

Score another victory for the prepper media! Tuesday nights on the local 2 Meter repeater there is an emergency preparation net. It is amazing to me to hear just how many people in the local area are preparing and the diverse skill sets that they are bringing to the table.

As ham radio enthusiasts they are already one step ahead of the masses because most of them have thought about operating radio equipment when all else fails. We talked about 3 alternatives before and this is one the amazes me. On Tuesday nights there is no telling what will be discussed.

The topics will range from weapons to batteries to converting generators to run on propane. The reality is that every Tuesday night there are approximately 40 people from 90 mile radius tuned in and talking about preparedness activities.

Last night I was amazed to hear from a gentleman that has converted his radio shack to run off solar. Since his gasoline storage got stolen he has now converted his generator to run on propane and has actually gotten some propane lamps from Lehman’s for lighting.

I have met like minded people that are in different stages of preparations. It is good to hear from them and learn from them. All of the usual op sec applies as anyone could be listening. The risk that sharing on that prepper media is not much different than typing information on a blog.

It is a refreshing thing to hear some prepper media and get energized for some new preparations. How about you have you heard some good tips lately?

Even if you do not have a valid FCC license to transmit you can listen via scanner or by purchasing a radio. I am very confident that Ed at can get you started for as little as $65. There is no reason that you can enjoy a new prepper media and listen to what is going on in your area.


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