Local Food is where it is at!

Local Food

If the trucks stopped rolling today do you have local food to count on? I was reading an article, based off a report from the Trucking Industry, about the risks of a Just In Time system if the trucks can not deliver. It did not help that I was having a bowel of yogurt while reading the article.local foodThis was some of the home made yogurt we have talked about mixed with some home made strawberry jam and topped with local strawberries. It stretched my mind as I thought of the logistical problems with disasters and a dependence on transportation for everything.

Once upon a time many years ago I managed fleets of trucks based out of distribution centers refilling products in retail stores. I have experience in getting freight into areas suffering from hurricane and tornado damage.I say this not to boast, but explain that I understand the fragility of the system.

It has only gotten worse as the years go by. The increase in fuel prices and governmental regulation have done nothing to help the problem. It would take a minor hiccup to launch an entire region into a downward spiral. What preparations can you do today to alleviate some of the potential pain?

As I have explained before I think we are reverting back to a Thomas Jefferson agrarian society and a relationship with a local farmer is needed now. Despite my best intentions on my little homestead there is not enough room for all the stuff my family needs.

We are fortunate that we have a local farm very close by that we can source vegetables, fruit, meat, and dairy. They have put together a modified CSA program that is very similar to an old co-op for food. The food we typically buy may not be grown within a 5 mile radius, but the majority is grown within a 50 mile radius.intermodal_transportationHow far is your food radius? If you are dependent on food that arrives via intermodal transportation than you are at a great risk. I would encourage you to find a local source for food today even if it’s for one item. One good way to find a local farm is via Local Harvest.

You will be better prepared for any disaster if the relationship is already established with your farmer. I hope this helps you in your food goals for this year. If you like what you read Please sign up for our newsletter to get our daily updates as well as our monthly newsletter with exclusive content.



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