Making a Cheap Propagation Box to multiply your plants

Cheap Propagation Box

A great project to stretch your dollars is a cheap propagation box. This will be used to root cuttings from plants to create new plants that you can enjoy, trade for new plants, or sell for some extra money. This can be done in very little time and to great propagation boxWe have literally rooted thousands of plants in boxes just like the one pictured above. The one in the picture is typically the one I root household plants in. The outside ones are brought out when the weather warms and are bigger. This cheap propagation box will allow you to root even those considered hard to root.

The box consists of a semi-transparent plastic container. Pick a size that you would like to have around. For house plants we generally use a shoe box size. In this box mix your planting medium. Typically we use peat moss and perlite only. You can also use propagation box mediumWhatever medium you use lightly moisten it so it is damp. The next critical piece of the system is to put a clay pot in the middle. The one in the picture below has the hole glued shut via hot glue. This allows for the water in the pot to slowly leak out into the propagation box potOnce you have your cheap propagation box built it is time to for the cuttings to be planted. This is also a good time to prune plants if needed. Lightly dust your cuttings in rooting powder and then plant them in the medium. Continue to do this until the box is full.

Continue to check the water approximately once a week never letting it run out of water. You should also be looking for new growth or leaves. After a couple of weeks you can gently pull on the cuttings to see if the roots have grown.

Once you determine there is new growth or sufficient roots transplant the new plants into a new container and watch it grow. This system can be used over and over again with great propagation box topI hope this cheap propagation box will find a place in your gardening area. If you have enjoyed what you read please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of new updates and our monthly newsletter.


Making a Cheap Propagation Box to multiply your plants — 2 Comments

    • Mona,

      Glad you enjoyed it! This really is a cheap way to multiply plants with a high success rate. You’ll have tons of plants to keep or trade in no time.