What would your actions be in the Last Resort?

Last Resort

I saw the pilot for Last Resort, which for those who are not familiar here is a fairly good recap, and it brought up an interesting thought. What would you do in a similar situation or hope that someone would do? The difference between blindly following orders and verifying to make sure they are correct can make all the difference.

USS Constitution Last ResortThere is a time and place to follow orders but if Civil War II ever breaks out those of us on the opposing side better hope their our a lot of soldiers that question those orders. I hold in high esteem that their are many that believe in the oathkeepers. We are to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. There is no doubt we face tremendous threat to the Constitution from domestic pressures.

The pressures that we face here may one day cause an issue similar to Last Resort. The thought that our own nukes being outside normal control. It could happen and something must be guarded against. There is a reason that the founders wanted a nation of armed citizens.

They knew that armed citizens would fight and protect their rights. It is time we exercise that right and protect our Nation. The time has come for to end the fleecing of America and the continued growth of a Federal government that is out of control.

As evidenced by a peak into fantasy after Last Resort the crew of a Trident submarine would instantly beĀ  a force to be reckoned with. I am pretty sure that will not happen, but the Last Resort does cause one to think what may happen in the future if a modern day Regulator War, Shay’s Rebellion, or John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry happened today.


What would your actions be in the Last Resort? — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting article but I struggled to know you point because I haven’t seen the show. If you add a link to the show or a brief plot summary at the beginning it would help.

    • Thanks for stopping by! That is a really good point and I have added a link to a recap at the beginning. I was able to watch the pilot on Amazon if you are interested.

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