Why do you need a 72 hour kit anyway?

72 Hour Kit

Since we have the 20 buck preps contest going on there was one question from a skeptic who asked why they needed a 72 hour kit. There are many different reasons that it will pay off for you even if it never gets used. The ability to have a neat readily available kit ready to grab and survive for 72 hours is essential.

Bug Out Bag aka 72 hour kitOne thing that we know the human body needs is water. This is an essential ingredient and without it you will die. I would not encourage anyone to go 72 hours without water. It may be possible in rare cases, but not advisable. So we know any kit should contain water or the ability to purify water.

If the kit should have water what else should it contain? The one thing you have to have is water to survive 72 hours. The majority of us can go without Food or shelter for 72 hours depending on the weather conditions of course. That is something that needs to be in the kit is the comfort/survival items. During this time of the year in my area I can live outside for 72 hours with just the clothes I have on. It may be more comfortable with a tarp and some lights. These are some of the comfort items that you may use.

Since we have comfort items and required items in a kit I like to think that learning, thinking, and applying the 72 hour kit by making it and practising it give you the applied skills and mindset that goes with it. This will pay huge dividends for your entire life. It will be amazing what you evaluate when you have that mindset.

Once you are in the mindset what can a 72 hour kit be used for. What happens if your power is out for 3 days due to a Hurricane, an Ice storm, or even because you forgot to pay the bill. How about the peace and mind knowing you will eat and have some comforts if there is too much month at the end of your money. Both of those events are easily suffered in your home.

What happens if you are travelling when something happens. It can be a terrorist event like 9/11 where the planes are grounded and no rental cars available. It could also be as simple as the weather is too rough to run the public Ferries and you are “stuck” on a remote island for an extended time. It is funny as the older I get the more I cherish the weather stranding me on an island. I will give you one tip for that event. Have a deck of playing cards in your 72 hour kit as boredom could be suffered by some.

The risk of boredom can be suffered by some, but other may be scared or nervous. The 72 hour kit can bring peace and comfort in a wide variety of situations. I find that it will provide the requirements, comfort items, and mental state to survive a wide range of events.

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