ARkStorm by Ron Foster

ARkStorm by Ron Foster

Today I get to review ARkstorm by Ron Foster which is latest book to captivate my attention. He does a fantastic job of educating and entertaining and I look forward being able to grab one of his books and read. I always have to keep my highlighters handy.

I had my highlighters out early and often, but very soon I was reading about 20 buck preps and that is how the contest was born. I encourage everyone to enter today. The thought process laid out and character development shows everyone from a beginner prepper to the most experienced that are gathering at a convention.

While no matter where you are at the author does a great job showing why the evacuees of ARkStorm do not want to end up in a refugee shelter. This is one of the reasons for your 72 hour kit that we talked about earlier. The canvas is painted on what happens if you end up there.

Once again Ron Foster took a blank canvas and painted a wonderful tale that kept me entertained. I would encourage anyone to read the book, but the education in ARkStorm is top notch and guaranteed to be a reference source for anyone.

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