Kinetic Power generates Lighting

Kinetic Power Generates Lighting

The advent of light emitting diodes or LED’s were guaranteed to spur innovation and now is seems kinetic power generates lighting. This could be a revolutionary thing if the price can be brought to a reasonable level. The article is out about Danielle Trofe’s revolutionary design showing the kinetic power of sand generating power for light. I am very interested in this for a couple of reasons.

Hourglass-Floor-Lamp-DanielleTrofeDesignThe low amount of power that an LED needs to make light can lead to amazing things, but this will need to be seen to make a believer. This has a long lasting impact no matter where you want to deploy. If it would produce enough light it can be used here to reduce the amount of power. It also would allow those who do not have access to power to generate lighting with very little effort.

The effort that goes behind this design is no doubt amazing. It caused me to think about Thomas Jefferson and his seven day clock. Now with this technology he could have a seven day light. That would truly mystify even Thomas Edison who most credit as the inventor of record for the incandescent light bulb. This is truly a time of great change in the lighting industry that has not been seen since that time.

I will certainly be looking forward to learning more about Danielle Trofe’s design to see if it meets the hype. The reality is that if kinetic power generates lighting in a small desktop environment than the world has indeed entered a new time period. What things can you envision it to be used for? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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