Ham Radio Freedom by David Hathaway

Ham Radio Freedom by David Hathaway

I was reading a fantastic article, which was Ham Radio Freedom by David Hathaway, and it brought up many great points that I never thought of. There is no doubt that Ham Radio operators can be tracked and I have seen some pretty cheap equipment that can be used to do it. It still takes people to actually locate the operator.

NX1Z_RadioThere is a reason that it is harder to track a Ham Radio operator. It truly is the last frontier of communication freedom that has a chance to reach out and touch someone. There is no doubt some very powerful encryption software that will lock down your message and be sent around the world very quickly.

No matter how quickly the message gets there as I have taught my boys effective communication means the other side has to get the message and understand it. We have seen events in Iran, Egypt, and Syria where the internet was killed to quash resistance. Do not think for one second they do not have a kill switch here.

If you know they have a kill switch how many have the skills to still get out there. There are dedicated Ham operators that practice everyday their communication skills. From their shack to almost any part of the world they ply their trade.

I would highly recommend reading Ham Radio Freedom by David Hathaway as he does a great job explaining how easy it is to reach out and touch the world with ham equipment.

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