Breadbasket of the Confederacy is still ready

Breadbasket of the Confederacy

Shenandoah_valley_farm_0163There are very real reasons to prepare and this article reminds me that the breadbasket of the Confederacy is still ready today. This was a reporters article after talking to several people that were prepared in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. That area was the lifeline and Stonewall Jackson did his level best to keep it providing for the Confederate cause.
Polyface_Farms_signThis article and the preppers that were highlighted show that even in today’s time that the breadbasket of the Confederacy is still ready to serve that need again today. If something happens there will be people that are prepared. This was the norm back then and many people in that area have never forgotten that.

Eggmobile_and_flock_of_chickens_at_Polyface_FarmNo matter where you go in the Shenandoah Valley if you listen to the people you will see many of the traits from the past in today’s citizens. They are ready and able to provide now and the majority of them are going to have the minimum needed to outlast a small event. The breadbasket of the Confederacy provided for the citizens back in the 1860’s and they are ready if the call is heard again.


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