Importance of Education no matter what stage you are at!

Importance of Education

No matter what stage in life you are at the importance of Education never diminishes. I was talking with someone recently about the fact that veteran teachers are anxious as so much of their assessment is based on the end of grade tests. Whether you home school, send to private school, go to public school, or have been out of school for 70 years the importance of education is still very important.

Despite the resistance to change we live in a very dynamic world. Motion is constant and things change everyday. There are core competencies that one needs to pick up to survive in today’s world. One of the lacking things that we see in every level of society is the inability to think. Being able to form a thought and justify it is something that is constantly needed.

There are core competencies that need to be achieved to think independently. I firmly believe that checks and balances need to be in place to ensure basics are covered. There is no doubt in my mind that you should not be moved ahead if you can do the work at the existing level. We must guard against not having a well rounded student.

deliberatedumbingdownIf a student is not well rounded how will they ever be able to put all the pieces together and have an independent thought. Make no mistake about it the Deliberate Dumbing down of America is done on purpose. The government wants and needs people that do not question orders and act like the Gestapo DHS agents. The importance of education does not end at graduation.

If you are blessed to be living in your seventies today think about all the changes that has occurred in your lifetime. Gathering around to hear the radio was a common occurrence as there may have been one radio in a house versus a color television in every room. The rapid changes in technology force one to adapt.

This change ensures the importance of education. If we are not capable of change because we have no independent thought we will all just be using the same thing. I have seen first hand software written to look exactly the same for 40 years so the user does not have to relearn something. That kind of thinking while keeps income coming in inhibits the process. We need people to have the skills to develop what they value in life and pursue their passion.

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