Is anyone surprised by the actions of the Gestapo DHS?

Gestapo DHS

I saw an article yesterday about the Gestapo DHS! If my life was a cartoon there would have been a big thought balloon immediately appearing over my head with “Is anyone surprised by the actions of the Gestapo DHS?” while reading the article. Reports are that a man was detained halfway through his trip for being on a no fly list.

The man allegedly was put on the no fly list by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It only took them from the time he booked his tickets and got on the airplane in Mississippi disembarked and then re-boarded in Hawaii before they realized their mistake. The man who was traveling to Japan to visit his wife who is a Naval Lieutenant is supposed to pose a grave danger to the United States and it citizens. Who is placing bets the wife probably holds some level of Top Secret clearance and that NCIS has cleared the husband.

The Gestapo DHS can not be expected to do a competent job and pull the information from NCIS. I am sure on the record that they have spent thousands in labeling him a threat and most likely just woke up long enough to record he went to a meeting of preppers. I have a very low respect for the Gestapo DHS as evidenced.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyThere are many reasons that reinforce this belief. The least of which I knew would be a total cluster when President George Bush created the agency. The only amazing thing is how the USCG manages to keep some semblance of normal even under their responsibility. Does anyone really feel safer flying? There are numerous reports of weapons being checked through their tight security.

I know personally that I was selected for “random” increased security inspection every time I flew out of Pittsburgh. It was such common knowledge in my group that my colleagues traveling with me always suggested we leave 30 minutes early so I could clear security. Once or twice is understandable, but is happened only in Pittsburgh and 7 trips in a row. That is our hard earned money at work.

There may be no greater government program that is in need of reduction than the Gestapo DHS. I am certain that our Founding Fathers would cringe when learning about the Gestapo DHS. The only wonder is how we continue to fund it and support it. There is a new thought balloon over my head while writing this article. “The next time I fly allow some extra time to clear security”. Guess I will be added to another list, but no one should ever be surprised at the actions of the Gestapo DHS. They detained Senator Rand Paul and they will have no qualms about harassing you if you do not toe the party line just like the Gestapo under Hitler.

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