A Great Civil War by Russell Weigley

A Great Civil War by Rusell Weigley

Today I talk about A Great Civil War by Russell Weigley. This is a nice thick book that covers the entire Civil War. I was looking for a good basic book that would cover some blank spaces in some of the battles that are more obscure. As I traveled around seeing some of the areas I was not as familiar with this book was a great reference.

This book was a good reference, but as is usual by Historians the author does not accurately portray the main reason for the War of Northern Aggression. The main reason was fought over the issue of strong states versus a large Federal government and the ability to withdraw from the Union. We all know that the South lost and was decimated after the cessation of hostilities. The author does a great job of covering the basics.

While the basics are covered do not expect to go into too much detail. That is all right as I was looking for a general book and it served it’s purpose well for me. There is a reason to learn from the past as there is an upcoming battle coming in relation to States Rights. This was not settled in the first Civil War as evidenced by the authors misconception of the root cause.


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  1. Hopefully this time we will be evolved enough to do it with words and politically and not by fighting and dying.

    • I hope we will, but I am not sure where the leaders will come from to make that happen as politically we are lacking leadership.