Home-schooled Kid Inspires Millions

Home-schooled Kid Inspires Millions

Tim Tebow is Home-schooled Kid Inspires Millions. They said he would never make it! In fact many advised his parents to make sure he was never here. All he does is continue to win!

Picture of the Home-Schooled Kid Inspires MillionsIf you were a Kendrick Brother I am not sure you could even write a script such as this.  Here is a guy that keeps defying the odds. In his own words Home-schooled kids are not known to be athletes.

Yet this man has been blessed to play football in Florida under progressive laws that allow home-schooled children to play high school sports. That opportunity plus his God given abilities allowed him to be noticed and offered a scholarship to the University of Florida.

The Home-schooled Kid Inspires Millions only helped his team win two national championships in Division I football. Oh yeah he also won the Heisman trophy given out annually to the best college football player. With accolades like these you would think that he would be someone with a little inflated ego.

I am sure Tim Tebow needed to look no further than the “experts” to know that he did not have a future as a quarterback in the NFL. Guess even for normal people the ego may be checked. Tim Tebow did not seem to mind. For the record I do not believe or have ever heard that Tim Tebow has any kind of ego. Tim just kept doing his thing.

He was drafted 25th overall pick in the draft by the Denver Broncos. He started a few games toward the end of his first season, but did not draw much attention. The regime change in Denver over the off season led many to say that whoever became the coach had to agree to start Tebow.

Well the home-schooled kid inspires millions did not start at the beginning of the season. After a bad 1-4 start by the Broncos John Fox gave the starting nod to Tebow. All he has done since is win 7 out of 8 games since being named the starting quarterback.

There are many out there that are will have a lot of reasons to explain why it is happening. How Tebow is not that good. How the teams they have played are bad. How teams like the Bears gave it to the Broncos. How bad a person Tebow must be because he is a an outwardly spoken Christian. There are many things that are going on in Denver.

Tim Tebow will be the first to tell you that the winning streak is because of the Denver Broncos. He is not winning alone. These wins are a team effort. The interesting thing is the millions of people that he continues to influence. When 92 million people search out a bible verse because they see it on your eye patch you have an audience.

Tim Tebow set the NFL record for jersey sales when he was drafted. He has a huge fan base of Christians that are praying and hoping that he does well and uses his talents to further God’s message. A friend of mine Mike James recently commented how if God is behind you anything can happen. He even suggested that Tebow in the Super Bowl is possible.

Perhaps that is the mission. If he can have an impact so big without playing in the “Biggest” game imagine what he could do on the big stage. No matter what people will try and tear him down. As long as Tebow and his team-mates continue to play and believe they will be ok. If God truly is backing this team than there is nothing that can’t be done.

In closing let us emulate another thing that Tebow has done besides “Tebowing”, which is a different subject all together.