2 unique things about Christmas Ornaments

2 things about Christmas Ornaments

There are two things about Christmas Ornaments that you probably did not know. Below we have a picture of the probably the first ornament made in America.

Blue Santa Christmas Ornament first made in US

  1. The first figurine made in the US was a Blue Santa

The first figures of Santa made in the United States is believed to be 3 inches tall and blue. The reason for the blue outfit is that in Germany Kris Kringle was often shown in a blue suit.

Many people believe that is was not until the Coca Cola Company paid to have Santa pictured in Red in the 1930’s before he was generally accepted to be in Red.

Whether you look at Santa in red or blue this figurine is a striking Santa with the grey beard. It was discovered on an archaeological dig at the first mass produced toy plant in the United States that I wrote about on December 7th.


  1. Many of the first ornaments were from Germany

The Germans were skilled artisans that had an affinity for Christmas and tradition. You can see the beauty they created throughout homes during Christmas.

The general consensus is that the actual tradition of a Christmas tree started with the Germans. The use of evergreens to celebrate the Christ child is unique and thought to symbolize the everlasting life that Christ offers.

One thing that has been lost in the decoration of the Christmas tree in the US is we typically do not use the glass pickle ornament. Christmas ornaments have many uses, but the pickles were thought to bring food luck.

Beautiful Mouthblown Christmas OrnamentsThe Germans had a lot of luck blowing glass ornaments. They have been producing mouth blown glassware for Christmas ornaments since 1597. The attention to detail did not stop with the blowing. They then hand paint the Christmas ornaments. Striking beauty for over 5 generations.



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