History Teaches us only if we listen!

History Teaches

Only if we are listening can we see that history teaches us many lessons. If we do not listen we may be doomed to repeat it. I have been looking through some old transcriptions of will from 1800-1900 and one thing that strikes me is the reverence and ability for people to write a will. Now I can not say for certain, but it appears a lot of them wrote the will themselves.

Can you imagine writing a will yourself these days much less the reverence to our Lord that is exhibited. We have deviated so far from our agrarian roots. Now we depend on paying someone to write a will for us and we certainly do not value the same things that once were important.

It is very interesting to see the path that a set of blacksmith tools were handed down for a plantation as they served a vital importance. Now days would we even bother to worry about our smartphone? History teaches us only if we are listening. We must readjust our priorities and plan for the future.

NC taxes 750px-Flag_of_North_Carolina.svgWhat did your ancestors do? Where were they located? Perhaps that is one of the reasons you ended up where you did. I know for me I am often reminded that the blood coursing through my veins is descended from a long line of North Carolinians. History teaches us when we are paying attention. It keeps reminding me of what needs to be done and how to prepare for the future whatever that may be.

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