Looking for a Hand Cranked Grain Mill

Hand Cranked Grain Mill

It is something that has been on my list for a while, but it is time to plan for a Hand Cranked Grain Mill. This is another of those items like my All American Canner in that it should last a lifetime. There are few things that you purchase these days expecting them to last a lifetime, but a hand cranked grain mill and the skills to use it are vital.

This is another one of those purchases when people ask why do you want that? Besides being prepared for almost anything there is a cost savings by buying in bulk and grinding your own. You also are able to control what is in your flour. That is outside your control when you purchase flour.

The important things for me are that they can can be used everyday and can be replaced. It would also be nice if you could hook a motor to it of some kind.

Wondermill Junior Deluxe

The wondermill can also grind the coffee beans.

Country Living Mill

This one has been at the top of my list for a while.

Quaker City Grain Mill

This one comes recommended from Lehmans.

There are many different factors in selecting a hand cranked grain mill. I am hoping that some of you may have some helpful tips that you can send to me or leave as a comment.

The ultimate bread, corn meal, and coffee beans can be turned out by a hand cranked grain mill. I am looking forward to learning more.

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