Do you have your Family Communication Plans set!

Family Communication Plans

The reality is that blood is thicker than water and it is imperative to have your Family Communication Plans in place. In this highly migratory society that we have built it is fairly rare to have multiple generations in one location. The reality is that no matter where family is located you should have your family communication plans ready.

Blessed is the man that has a family to rely on! We always have Christ Jesus to depend on and talk too, but there are other times that more is needed. During normal day to day life it can be comforting to communicate with family members. These typically are the people that you have been with through thick and thin. During a time of crisis they can be a calming influence.

No matter what you have been through in life or are going to go through you can rest assured that your sibling if you are blessed too have one is a source of strength. They understand the environment and experience that you were raised in with no explanation needed. I imagine it is similar to the feelings that twins have about a fellow twin.

Those feelings are a comfort during normal times, but what about during a flight or fight scenario? If the chips are down a simple phone call or message can turn the tide or bring comfort. It can make a difference in how you view things in life.

If you are fortunate enough to live close enough to your siblings make sure you work out some hugs for them on a regular basis. If you still have your siblings then make plans to communicate with them on a regular basis.

These regular family communication plans can be a simple email, or telephone call, but if you are looking for one fail safe method than look too ham radio. Even if the family is spread out around the globe HF can get you there. I encourage you to make your family communication plans today.

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