Emergency Preparedness Month time again!

Emergency Preparedness Month

Let be known to all people that September is Emergency Preparedness Month! This is a great time to reflect on where you are at and how long you could survive with the materials and skills you have accumulated.

emergency preparedness monthThe month of September is the peak of the hurricane season in the Atlantic ocean and you need to be ready. These storms can come in and affect a wide area and cause long term issues. What will you do if the power is out for two weeks. Will you have enough food? How are you going to continue drinking clean water? When I need to verify something on clean water I head to a trusted source.

What other sources do you have to get you through the potential tough times? I shared the 10 tips for Hurricane earlier. What other plans do you have for emergency preparedness month? Amazingly enough the Federal government actually is supporting and encouraging people to have a plan and to be ready.

emergency preparedness month 2Better take advantage of emergency preparedness month and plan and stock up now while it is still acceptable. After all it is what your Grandma and Grandpa used to do and were ready!

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