Hack an airplane gives some compelling reasons not to schedule a flight!

Hack an Airplane

As if I needed another reason not to fly I see a recent talk with details on how to hack an airplane via the ever ubiquitous Android phone. I will certainly agree with the article that it is an amazing leap in technology that now our small phone can feature full color while using the accelerometer in the phone to cause the airplane to fly faster or slower. Before people get to bent out of shape almost every pilot will have the sense to disengage the auto pilot that has been hacked and keep the plane from crashing.

Let’s hope the pilot of your aircraft is that intelligent if you have any plans to fly. This is a great article that highlights not the amazing technology that surrounds us, but the reality that yet another system that we entrust our life with is horribly broken and can have disastrous results. This is a home run that shows your life has been put in dangerous by a system that relies on technology but do not put an emphasis on testing.

Through testing would ensure that mission critical systems have fail safes in place. In this case the reliance is on the pilot to take over. That is not in place with the Drones that they want to fly over the United States. Do not be fooled that there system is impenetrable as I believe Iran has already proven.

Yet again proof has been delivered except this time by a proof of concept and the android phone proves that you can hack an airplane. It is imperative that you analyze every step of your daily life and plan for the future. No matter what comes your way you should be prepared as no one else will do it for you.

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