Companies voting by choice

Companies Voting by Choice

Reading that Colt would be relocating to Texas shows that Companies voting by choice. This article shows how they felt driven out by Connecticut and had to leave to a more friendly state. There are some very good lessons to learn. The time may soon come where your state and personally you may have to make a choice. Do you side with the 2nd Amendment or do you continue to feed at the Federal Pig trough. You know the food in the trough is bad for you and will cause you harm, but Connecticut shows they continue to feed.

If the Federal government threatens to withhold money if a state fails to comply they generally cave. If you make it so unfriendly via taxes or regulations that businesses flee there will not be positive things happening. If the manufacturer of the Gun that won the West needed to move what does that tell you about Connecticut? Things are going downhill quick and people need to pay attention quick.

The reality is that you want to have any manufacturing jobs, but especially munitions. Those are always great things to have when the shooting breaks out. If the shooting does not break out then you have happy customers and citizens. I know personally there are several things that North Carolina can do to ensure that we have our fair share of prosperity.

The time is now to flex our muscles and put Washington on notice that we will not tolerate more control and bloat. Our Governor and General Assembly took a positive step when they turned down an increase to a horribly broken Medicaid system. Now it is time to reduce the State tax burden on businesses and individuals.

There are tough decisions to be made, but we must be mindful that we have a great document to lead and guide us. The US Constitution shows us what we need to do. We also must keep in mind that North Carolina has long been at the forefront of Rebellion starting back in the Regulator’s War.

It is time to make it clear to Washington and the rest of the nation that North Carolina is open for business and willing to defend the right of citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We can do that and make sure that we enable our rightful citizens the full rights and protections due them by all 10 rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.


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