Evidently the courts and schools can not define a firearm!

Courts and Schools can not define a firearm

I wish this happened anywhere else, but obviously in the old North state we have lost our minds and the courts and schools can not define a firearm. This reality comes from the fact that a seven year old had to be brought before a judge for firing a BB gun.

Now mind you the boy did make a mistake, but it appears his parents will take care of that. The police officers and the victim did not want to press charges yet he still was charged. This proves that the money we are spending on education and the court system is a waste of money. If they can not realize that a BB Gun is operated by air pressure and not a firearm then we have other issues. I am certain they never cocked the Red Rider when they were children.

It is sad to see that this ever got close to a court room. It just shows me that there is a lot more room to cut the fat in North Carolina. I hope the Republicans do what they were elected to do. It is past time to reduce the size of state government and return North Carolina to a place of pride instead of taxing it to death for frivolous spending like this case.

Only with a failing educational system can you have a BB gun considered a firearm. Guess those people did not understand the whole Chinese gun powder correlation. That is one thing that is missing from a BB gun.

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