Does our Food Source really matter for a healthy lifestyle!

Food Source

I was talking to someone about the importance of our Food sources and how it can impact the health and well being of your life. While the trucks are rolling as we have talked about before we will continue to ingest the same food that many believe is poisoning us.

What happens if you believe there is a better way or the trucks stop rolling? We do not have the knowledge any longer to cope as people do not pay attention. How many people understand the difference between a roasting and stewing hen? If you do know the difference have you ever prepared one? These are the type of things your parents, grandparents, or in some cases even your great grandparents knew and did without thinking.

We have traded the convenience of fast food and quick cooking for unknown chemicals and treatment of the food. We will pay the price at some point. The saddest part is not knowing the history of the food and how it was enriched as it becomes a building block for your body.

One cornerstone of your temple that your body is should be knowing the food source. If you do nothing more than go to the grocery store and get food then I encourage you to reach out to your local farmer, grow your own, or raise something to eat and begin a change to know your food source.

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