Book Review Survivors by James Wesley, Rawles

Book Review Survivors

Book Review Surivors by James Wesley, RawlesThis is a Book Review Survivors. I finished this book on October 7, 2011. It is a great book written by James Wesley, Rawles. I rated it at 5 stars when I read it.

I was eagerly awaiting this book as I loved Patriots by the same author. While the first novel was probably a How To survival guide with some interesting characters this second book was a lot more fiction novel.

I only cited one area the first read through of practical knowledge to remember for later. According to Rawles the standard U.S. Military sandbag is 14 by 26 inches for nearly a century. It weighs approximately 40 pounds when full. I am sure there were other things, but that was the only one notated.

If you looked at my copy of Patriots it probably would remind you of a text box with all the different color highlighted notes. I really enjoyed Patriots and I really enjoyed Survivors.

Survivors was written in the same time frame that was covered in the first novel. It introduced some new characters and provided depth for some minor characters in the first novel. The success of the first and second novel shows there may be some depth in this genre.

The rapidly expanding list of authors in this genre provides some fun if you enjoy this particular line. Rawles certainly has shown he is at the top of the list in this genre. He has shown that he is skilled at writing practical knowledge and character development while maintaining a plausible storyline.

If I had to recommend two authors in this genre I would certainly include Rawles along with Matt Bracken. I hope they continue to elevate their game. For me personally they are at the apex of where Tom Clancy was. It will be interesting to see more from Rawles.

I eagerly awaited Rawles second novel and will no doubt be getting his third novel when it comes out. I hope that novel covers the time period after where the first two novels cover.


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