Cold War Victors need to be revisted!

Cold War Victors

Evidently we have a failure to educate history in the United States and some people must have forgotten who were the cold war victors. The successful victory of the Truman Doctrine set the bar for the United States to become the sole super power. Despite this we have failed to take advantage as evidenced by our current policies and outlook.

Only in the deepest smoke filled rooms in the old Kremlin could anyone dream up a more pervasive socialist agenda. It has become socially acceptable for the State to take from one party and give to another. This is evidenced in many areas and reading different points I am not alone in that thought. Who would have ever dreamed that Bill Clinton was now thought of as being the most honest politician?

It pains me to even type the above as no matter what way politically you lean that man blatantly lied to the American public. If he had just owned up to his misdeeds then it would have been disappointing but salvageable. Instead he chose dishonesty which was prevalent throughout his career.

His career was in a different time and one he had to run as a moderate. In the short 13 years since he left office now it appears to be the in vogue thing to run as a communist. Old Jesse Helms has to be rolling over in his grave. I can guarantee you that he would be leading the charge against the communists.

The cold war victors were not the communist despite what the current society shows. It is past time for that trend to stop. Let me make this clear! It is not right for the State to take money from one to give to another. Government spending needs to be cut at every level and a less intrusive government needs to be instituted. Anything other than that is against the Truman Doctrine and the cold war victors!

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