Add another reason to get the window quilts done

Window Quilts

While reading another interesting article today it added another reason to make the window quilts. For those of you wondering what those might be I mentioned them briefly over a year ago. The sad thing is we are still in the planning stage. I know we recently discussed it and anyone that is near a door or window when it is cold outside feels it.

Black Out FabricThe article mentioned having window coverings for black out conditions. If there is a power outage you do not necessarily want to advertise that you have power and are most likely warm. That is a valid point and one that borrows from World War II. There was a different reason for needing it back then.

The common thing to be used in the black out curtains is actually called that and is used in theater or movie productions. You can find it with very little effort. Now I have something to add into the design of the window quilts. In reality it is something that was already planned. I am just waiting on the seamstress and chief planner to measure the amount of material that is needed.

Wiggy's Insulated Window CoveringOnce that is done I will be placing an order for Wiggy’s Insulated Window Covering material. I have known about it for several years while researching a great sleeping bag. It may be a race to see which I get first as the sleeping bag has been on the list for longer, but the window quilts may be a larger need especially if I add the black out portion.

If you do not hear from me for a few days it may be because I am measuring the windows and doors for the window quilts. It is past time to get them done and now I can another reason to the need. I wonder if I order a little extra can I get a throw made with the excess!

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