What is your plan to feed the needy?

Feed the Needy

So all your preps are done but how are you going to feed the needy? Feeding America is currently feeding over 37 million Americans right now. The number of hungry people would grow tremendously if the trucks stopped running.

Do you think you could turn away parents and their starving children? Do you identify yourself as a Christian? If you answered yes to both questions than you need to seriously re-evaluate your relationship with Jesus. This week is holy week and I am certain that Christ Jesus would not be happy for his followers to ignore his children.

There are many things to consider when distributing food in a time of crisis. One important one is that it puts your family at great risk to let people know the depths of your pantry. As a Christian I believe there is a way to accomplish both. During times of emergency we should look to our Churches as a source of comfort and stability.

The ability to stock your local church with food for distribution to those in need is the right thing to do. The important part is to do it anonymously. You do not have to be anonymous to the operators, but it must be clear not to reveal your name or location.

If someone shows up at  your doorstep you would direct them to the local church for assistance. This is part of the Christian way of assisting those less fortunate. I am curious to hear some of your thoughts and plans for charity after a disaster. Some that I have heard is pre-packaged food pails with two days worth of food.

The last parting thought is if it is good enough after a disaster then why not now! Your local food bank could use monetary and time donations today.


What is your plan to feed the needy? — 4 Comments

  1. So you want to lay a guilt trip and you state “The important part is to do it anonymously”. I believe the improtant part is that people give and I don’t care if they drop an ad in the paper as long as we all give. You may give anonymously but to say that is the way everyone should do it is contrive. I, like many at my church give all we can. I find that christians as a whole give all they can. Your preaching to the choir.

    • Thanks for the comments. You are correct that I am laying a guilt trip. I agree with you that as long as people are giving of their own freewill they can handle the publicity however they want. Shout it from the mountain top if so desired.

      The point I was trying to make with dispersing food anonymously in the middle of a disaster is to ensure a buffer between the hungry and your supplies. If you are dispensing food from your door step there is a greater chance someone will attempt to take it by force. It is a very precarious situation as Christians we should have a hard time turning anyone away in a time of need.

  2. While I do believe the Bible instructs us to feed the poor,and it seems like the churches would be involved in doing so,the truth is many are not. A few individuals in my county started a public food bank because most of the churches were not doing this job. Those who were would only help their own congregation and no one else. So what happens when the grants dry up and the trucks stop supplying stores? Only 35% of our funding comes from local businesses and citizens, including a few small church donations. We need to see churches everywhere get on board with this fundamental ministry to their communities in a public way.

    • Amen! God Bless those individuals that are picking up the ball and feeding the needy. Local Churches need to be at the forefront of feeding all those in need and not just parishioners! It is time for the Church to be an example for Society and not imitating Society as they seem to often do. God does not care about fancy buildings or member events! He wants us to spread the message to everyone! Feeding and Clothing the needy is a basic principle of the local Church.