Can you fight the NSA?

Can you fight the NSA

WarVsRevolution_ViaFreedomOutlawFacebookPage_082413-450x445Reading a great article from Claire Wolfe as she always has some good writing it does lead to the question can you fight the NSA. There is little doubt that if you have any electronic communication then the NSA can have a hand in it.

The real thing we should consider that Ms. Wolfe makes is what can we do to stem the tide. Any government that is big enough to snoop on every bit of communication is big enough to enforce it. Just as the picture above indicates the Founding Fathers would almost be guaranteed to be thrown in Gitmo if they were here today. I would imagine that almost anyone alive back in those times would be amazed as how far we let the government interfere in our lives.

I have already written about words to confuse the filters and make it hard to read. I encourage you to check it out and see the assassination plots utilizing weapons of mass destruction with the nerve gas and how that can impact domestic terrorism. The only thing worse would be the cdc and the avian flu weaponized. Feel free to back the NRA and tea party and stay tuned as I hear the black vest friendly fleas circling.

If you do not want to see them storming through your doors and windows then I would recommend the simplest form of stopping the intrusion. Do not do anything with communications that involves digital communication. If you do then you are liable to be snooped upon. Remember you can fight the NSA by not talking about it ever.

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