Government Shutdown and Affordable Care

Government Shutdown and Affordable Care

Today is the day when the healthcare exchanges should be available and now the Federal government shutdown and affordable care arrive on the same day. The reality that everyone loses today no matter where you align yourself.

The Representatives are to blame and that includes Democrats and Republicans and they should all be voted out of office. There is no other way to send a message. We are unhappy with the way they have run things and they need to go. A fresh batch of representatives are needed. The reality is that very little will change.

There has been a long running fight over the future of the government and what it entails. Little did our Founding Father’s think after the incredible sacrifice that they just paid the price of did they anticipate that the end result would be Freedom versus Socialism. We knew some always wanted a strong Federal government as the Federalist papers show.

The country was founded as a Republic and there was a premium placed on states rights. The reason being that if one state wanted to implement acts like the affordable care act then people would support it with their feet. If you were opposed then pick a new state. Instead we have the Federal government forcing it upon us.

Today we get greeted by a government shutdown and affordable care on the same day. Our leadership has failed us, but there again the reality is that we have had very few leaders for a long time. The state of our country reflects it.

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