Building Codes mean money not really safety!

Building Codes Mean Money

I was reading an article about the shut down of private property and was reminded that the building codes mean money. They are collected on many sides of the equation and even good practice and common sense are thrown out due to our litigious society.

Buggy Ride with EustaceThis was about a man that is building things the old way that engineers have stated will last, but do not meet code. I have seen it first hand where an engineer bragging about writing the code that someone will have to build a house for. When asked why something was necessary the answer was because we could write it in the code and then get paid to certify that it is acceptable.

There was no actual work that needed to be done but to be acceptable it had to have an engineer’s seal. I wish Eustace luck, but I believe that we already know the answer. The buildings at Turtle Creek Preserve will most likely stand for a very long time, but if they want to be legal they will have to bring them up to code and pay a fine for not getting a building permit.

Eustace Conway with a sawThis is the ironic thing about living in the Home of the Free and land of the Brave as we no longer enjoy those freedoms. There should be no code or permit required on private property. If someone wants to build something let it be. When you go to sell it then you should have it brought to the acceptable levels of the buyer. If I am a paying customer and want to pay to stay in one of Eustace’s buildings the fact that the county has blessed it means nothing to me.

God speed Eustace as you are a throwback to the America of yesteryear when we were strong and held promise. Now the reality is that building codes mean money and unless you spread the wealth they will make it hard for you. It may take them 30 years to find it, but they will get their cut.

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