Egg Production is down but the Chicken Tractor is still fertilizing!

Chicken Tractor is still Fertilizing!

This is the first year we do not have lights on for the chickens but the Chicken Tractor is still fertilizing. There is a reason that nature rests and allowing the chickens to break this winter has been seen a drop in egg production. This is actually a nice little break, but I can still tell the little omnivores are still building soil via their tractor.

Chicken TractorHaving them in a self contained unit that is easily moved has been nice as we can move it around the yard allowing them access to many different areas without having to worry about predators. It is a fine balance between a chicken tractor and a free range coop. How are you building your soil over the winter?

The interesting thing about the rest that nature provides is that you can not see the physical evidence of the chicken tractor. Based on the evidence from the Spring, Summer, and Fall you know that it is building the nutrients in the soil preparing for the Spring rush. This can only have positive things for the pasture come springtime.

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