Important additions to your Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag

I believe there are at least three key things that many people are leaving out of their Bug Out Bag. A Bug Out Bag(BOB) is nothing more than an easily grabbed bag that already has stuff in it to help you survive almost any situation for the short term. I think the did a great job of showing what a general BOB should contain. It is designed to be already packed and easily grabbed that will enable you to survive short term.

Bug Out BagI think one of the first things left off is chocolate. If you have children with you or encounter them then it will come in very handy. It may even help you deal with the trauma. There are a lot of times a little candy can go along way. If you do not have children there is a great chance that in a disaster you will encounter them. A little candy will go along way to help calm them down.

bug_out_bag_chocThe next important thing to include are some coloring books and crayons. A lot of kits have a deck of playing cards, but it is also likely you may encounter someone that does not know how to play. What is easier than pulling out a coloring book and decorating a few pictures. It is very soothing and peaceful to many children and adults.

bug out bag coloring bookThe last thing that most children will find comforting is a stuffed animal. It may not take the place of their favorite one that they just had to leave behind, but it will comfort them. Children like to have something that they can hold tight. Many police and fire departments carry stuffed animals in their vehicles for exactly this purpose. A stuffed animal may just help quiet a child just when you need it.

bug out bag animalsI hope this has given my readers some thoughts on including some extra stuff in their BOB. A little chocolate, some coloring books with crayons, and a stuffed animal or two will help you with your own children or ones you may encounter whenever the need for your BOB arises.