The reasons we all should be preppers!

Reasons we all should be preppers

There are several reasons we all should be preppers. Whether you believe in the Boy Scout motto, which is Be Prepared, or not we all prepare for our own things. Some are better than others at it. Unfortunately with some people it has a negative connotation.

The root of the problem is where our heart and minds are in today’s society. It is easier to mock and laugh and wait for someone else to bring us all the needed supplies. We can check out what happened on the latest reality show or listen to the latest talking head on how to vote. When will people use the one instrument no super computer can match?

There is a problem as people do not want to think. There are so many things going on that a few preparations could ensure you could last for 2 weeks is something that should be as second nature as breathing. I am sad to see that we refuse to at least think.

I think it is educational to understand how all of our modern conveniences come to us and how you would have to adapt if they no longer could be delivered. I am reminded of this on many occasions, but there are still many distractions.

On Tuesday March 6, 2012 people in the United States were focused on the Super Tuesday political junk. The President had a press conference and there was so much other noise. Very little notice was paid to a true American Hero by the name of Edward Cantrell.

Chief Warrant Office Edward Cantrell, who as a Special Forces soldier served 6 tours of duty and was the recipient of 4 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, paid the ultimate price in his role of Father. He was safely outside the house when he elected to go back into the house to get his children. This man prepared many times to leave his family and possibly never coming home. He would not leave his children in a  burning home alone.

I want you to think long and hard on what your focus should be on. Does it really matter what happened in someone else’s world or can you spend a little time preparing for your family? Heroes like Chief Warrant Office Edward Cantrell have shown us what we should do.

I fell fairly confident that he would not want to be talked about as a hero, but as a father doing what he should do. Protect, Provide, and Keep his children safe. May God Bless his wife and family. I pray that CWO Edward Cantrell and his daughters are together in heaven!

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