Time to make some Crockpot Yogurt

Crockpot Yogurt

I have been planning on making some Crockpot Yogurt for a while now since reading Suzanne talk about it. There are many benefits of yogurt so we have been trying to make it a part of our regular diet. Credit for making yogurt is generally given to the Neolithic people of Central Asia around 6,000 BC. It is recorded that yogurt was a primary staple for Gengis Khan and his army. If the Mongol Army ate it should be easy to make.

crockpot yogurt finishedOne of the harder parts for me to try Crockpot yogurt was to get yogurt with Live cultures. I saw where Katy was making some yogurt in her dehydrator. I found out that she was using the name brand Chobani, which happened to be on sale this week at the store, and so that nugget made it very easy to procure.

I started out of course by pouring the 2 quarts of milk into my wife’s crock-pot. The first step is to heat the milk to the temperature of 180°. I was glad that I set a timer to check on the temperature at 1.5 hours because that is what it was at that point.

crockpot yogurt milkI then turned the crock-pot off and waited until the temperature was down to 118°. This took a while and not quite sure of the time as we were watching some movies. I can tell you that it was roughly 2 1/2 hours to cool down.

Once the temperature was down it was time to add the yogurt. I added the plain Chobani and stirred. It then was wrapped in a towel and put in the oven overnight.

crockpot yogurt tempWhen I woke up and checked the yogurt it was done. So I transferred to a container to store in the refrigerator. This smelled very good at this point.

crockpot yogurt ovenI am certain that we will continue making the yogurt as it was very easy. I think we will try it next time adding the 1/2 cup of dry milk to see if it is a little thicker.


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