Time to review after other recent government admissions

Recent Government Admissions

Given the almost daily admission this week by the Federal government how they have abused and trampled on our freedoms perhaps it a second look is needed after recent government admissions. I had seen this article questioning the existence of private contractors. Given what they are actually admitting perhaps more work needs to be done on this situation. Given the atrocities that they routinely pull off it should not come as any surprise to some people.

Anyone that does not think twice about the possibility has not heard about Operation Fast and Furious. There are not many people that would believe the Jack Boots aka BATF would try and funnel guns to Mexico and not have dire consequences. The reality is the trust was abused, tax dollars were misused, and people died at the hands of the BATF.

What really needs to be asked is what was the goal of Operation Fast and Furious? There is little doubt that if a bureaucrat felt that was OK then perhaps a little gunpowder and some pressure cookers would be acceptable to further their agenda. That is a scary thought but one that has some basis.

The reality is that if you are a government employee whose sole job is the regulation of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms you might not like that the latter in that job is not as controlled as the first two. Perhaps you would be willing to try some unconventional things too tighten the noose.

We certainly need a cleansing of the lifers in the government employ as the upper echelon has shown some poor judgment given these recent government admissions. The optimist in me sincerely hopes that these were not orchestrated by Federal employees, but the reality is we need to cut the head off the Federal government and it needs to start with clearing the lifers out.

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