Black Friday Boycott 2015

As usual we are opting to not join in the sadness and are participating in a Black Friday Boycott! Fortunately it appears the trend is starting to reverse itself and more and more stores are seeing the light.

I believe REI has done a great job in espousing their values and have closed all their stores for today. Instead they are encouraging their employee’s and customers instead to opt for outside activities. That is a beautiful thing. More and more stores are opening up the shopping on e-commerce and less on a brick and mortar store.

cliffsoftheneuse_riverI will take it one step further and say stop buying so much crap and engage in life. No one needs a discount smart television or another game system no matter the cost savings. Instead follow the steps that we have presented before.

  1. Do not do any shopping at all.
  2. Watch or attend a sporting event or go hunting
  3. Spend time with your family and friends

Now excuse me I have some leftover ham and turkey sandwiches to make a snack during the hike. Join us on our Black Friday Boycott. Enjoy the day outside doing whatever makes you happy!

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