Annual Black Friday Boycott

Black Friday Boycott

This year I will be working, but there is no way you could catch me shopping as it is time for the Annual Black Friday Boycott. The few things I might want to purchase will be done via the internet or in the local gas station in person. The breaking news from that location is they are closed and will not open until normal times.

For those that might need some distractions I will post three key steps from my 2011 post.

  1. Do not do any shopping at all.
  2. Watch or attend a sporting event or go hunting
  3. Spend time with your family and friends

Adhering to those three things will be a successful Black Friday Boycott. It keeps getting worse and worse. Soon Thanksgiving Day will be a shopping day and Black Friday will be a normal day. Time to curl up with a turkey sandwich and avoid the materialism mindset.


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