Physical Activity Lacking and it shows on the Basketball Court!

Physical Activity Lacking

I have been watching some basketball on television lately and it shows the physical activity is lacking. This time of year is always special as it involves a sport I grew up playing a lot of and the family always has a tournament pick ’em contest. There are some key things my picks seem to be missing.

The reality is the talking heads complain about people not focusing on offense and that the scores are too low, but they miss the point. There are no makers. I heard Coach Jeff Lebo use that line and I like it. Plenty of people can shoot, but few in college basketball are makers. I can not remember the last pure shooter I have seen since Duke’s JJ Reddick.

I believe there is a reason for no shooters. I know I am certainly guilty of it as I rarely get outside and participate in physical activity like I should. If the children today spent as much time playing basketball and practicing a jump shot there would be more makers.

Getting the practice in is vital no matter what activity you are talking about. We should all strive to make sure that the physical activity lacking is part of our life. Who wants to join me to run the stadium steps?

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