A layered approach to Backyard Habitat

Backyard Habitat

Striving to make a rich backyard habitat is best accomplished with a layered approach. One of our long term goals is to have a diverse eco-system on our homestead. There are many benefits to this and having rich soil is a huge benefit to building a large pantry.

Sometimes you do not see the impact you are having on the local wildlife and need some reminders. We found two different birds nests today. One has four little birdies dependent on Mom and Dad to feed them. The other one has three little eggs that Momma keeps warm. It is nice to find the nests as it is a reminder that our backyard habitat is diverse.

This follows on the heels of finding a wild rabbit nest and some babies out and about. It is a treat to find wild rabbits out browsing and hopping around and know some of that is because of the environment you had cultivated.

Building a backyard habitat also means that you will have encounters with what many would call pests. It was not such a good feeling to see the baby possums, but it is also a sign of the richness that has been developed.

When you sit down and reflect on the wildlife that we have seen this year I think we have been successful in building a backyard habitat. We have a ton of wildlife that come to the homestead to feed, but we have a good amount that make it their home and a place to raise their young.

What have you done to build a backyard habitat? Do you see the need to have a diverse amount of wildlife running around? If not may I suggest the enjoyment and potential food value that a backyard habitat can bring.

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