Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee

This book was put together by his son Robert E Lee Jr. and the Recollection and Letters of General Robert E Lee was a great read. If you want to learn about someone than what better way than to read how they interacted with their family, friends, and business contacts.

His son did a great job telling the story of one of the best cadets to ever walk the long grey line. West Point has never seen the type since he graduated. You can feel the love and appreciation that Robert E Lee had for the United States.

After many days debating he finally decided to join his fellow Virginia men and resigned his commission. He did this knowing that General Winfield Scott was most likely going to make him the top General for the Union side.

He was a man of principle and duty and this book reflects this. We get to see the real genius that almost won the Civil War. We are also included in the personal side of a father who loved his family.

If you want to learn more about Robert E Lee than this is one of the best books you can possibly get.

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