Uh-oh Solar Panel Prices are prohibitive!

Solar Panel Prices

An industry that has been fighting to make it affordable can not afford an increase in solar panel prices. It depends on the news source or reference as to exactly how much the tariff will be or when it takes effect, but leave no doubt that a tariff on solar panels will not do the majority any favors.

Picture of Giant Solar Technology arrayThe technology has been improving as we have talked about before and due to economies of scale the prices have been coming down. Our Federal government has decided that Communist China is helping to subsidize Chinese solar panel manufacturers while they are dumping the panels here at a reduced cost. We are going to counter that with a tariff, which automatically inflates the end price to the consumer, and we think that is an acceptable response?

We supposedly despise communist ideals and beliefs but our response by the Federal government is to enact our socialist fix by raising solar panel prices. As I have said it will harm the customer, but it will also harm the US manufacturers as it reduces their incentive to innovate and reduce cost. This will do more long term harm than good.

I expect nothing less from this regime and one has to wonder why they are only picking solar panel prices. How about the food that is imported every day? I can introduce you to some hard working Commercial Fisherman that will tell you what the impact of shrimp dumping has been. It is all about politics and if a trade war with China breaks out there goes the heap goods that people buy.

This may very well be the tipping point for me to try building my own solar panel as it would be hard to stomach paying the tariff inflated price or paying for an American panel that is lacking a reason to innovate. I know they would not be as efficient, however I think the long term practical gain would outweigh the cost.

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