If you are reading this there is more time for family

More Time for Family

In a surprise to almost no one the world has not ended and you have more time for family. The Bible tells us that no man knows the time or date that it will happen. That means you better be prepared as it can happen any time. Since we are all still here one important thing that we need to do is spend more time for family. This is the time of the year for family and the celebration of the greatest gift we all have gotten.

The celebration of Christmas of course is the birth date of Jesus. God sent his one and only son to earth so that we will all have eternal life if we believe in him. Despite this great gift many people get caught up in the commercialization. Today I encourage you to take a step back and you will have more time for family.

Hopefully you have sometime over the next few days to reflect on our gift, humble ourselves before God, and spend some quality time with family as that will be worth more than any present that can be purchased. I hope this Christmas finds you blessed and enjoying fellowship with like believers.

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