Can you sustain an always Prepper Mode

Always Prepper Mode

There is one group that operates in always Prepper Mode. Is that sustainable and smart long term? That is one of the questions that I was thinking of when I was driving home the other day.

We were out and about running some local errands in a backup vehicle. Now considering that my primary vehicle is 12 years old that should tell you a little bit about the age of the backup. Anyway everything was going smoothly until we came out of the post office and turned the key. Mind you this was the third stop and at first it was a minor annoyance.

The peanut gallery chimed in that it had been a while since this had happened. I took pride in that comment, but it did not last long as I realized that my backup did not have a pair of jumper cables. Fortunately a nice lady not only had jumper cables but jump started my vehicle. There are still good people in the world and her kindness allowed us to be on our merry way.

While driving home it dawned upon me again that we always have to be eternally vigilant. That alone is a sobering and depressing thought. Then I remembered an organization that not only lives by this motto but thrive on it. The United States Coast Guard is always ready.

USCG_ValiantTheir motto is Semper Paratus, which is translated to Always Ready. They are charged with 11 missions by law and rightfully proud of it “Thus, we are military, multi-mission, and maritime.” A fine and noble organization that has a history of living out there motto.

Back in the day the US Lifesaving Service, which helped form the USCG operated under an interpretation of the rulebook that said the following:

“We’ve got to go out, but it does not say we have to come back”

The Coast Guard has proven that it is able to be always ready They have liven up to their mission in the past and there is no doubt they will continue to.

always prepper modeWe need to examine how they operate in always prepper mode. There are times when us humans need a break. That is why we have partners and backups. When one is ready the other is vigilant. I know I have checked all the vehicles and will not be caught without cables again. What about you? How do you always remain ready?

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