The Solitary Man by Ron Foster!

The Solitary Man

After reading Ron Foster’s newest book The Solitary Man I believe he has hit another home run. It was 179 pages that I really enjoyed. If you read my reviews for Preppers Road March, Bug Out! Preppers on the Move, or The Light in the Lake then you should have known that I would like this one as well.

This is the first book in what hopefully will be a long line with this cast of characters. In this book the author puts us in the head and life of Donald who is a Renaissance man. You can tell Donald is at a crossroads in life. The author paints an image of Donald much like Bob Ross from Joy of Painting did. The book started out as a blank canvas and by the time he was done you felt Donald was a part of you and elated at what he has accomplished.

There are many things that Donald teaches us throughout the book to accomplish his goal of being self-sufficient and prepped. The author uses a smaller solar flare that takes out the power grid but a lot of vehicles are still able to operate. This proves to be similar to kinda pregnant. Once the entire grid is down we all would be in for an unpleasant and long recovery time.

There was one point in the book that the author utilized a report about the cultural impact of Hurricanes. While this part is a great read it was one of those parts that is better suited to reading with a full cup of coffee. About the time I was going to put it down for said coffee the storyline came roaring back and had me happy and rapidly turning the pages again.

I can see the value in adding in some non-fiction parts of a book, but it can also detract from the enjoyment factor. Ron does such a great job of incorporating the same material in his storyline, but the couple of pages did not distract me for to long. True to his form I learned a lot of information while living out his storyline. I am very grateful to Ron Foster for sending me a copy and even better including extra copies for some of my readers!

Another great part of the book was that he found a way to incorporate Bubba and Cat from Real Day Preppers! That in it’s own right will lead credence to the heart of Ron Foster and his mission to educate and make people aware.

You can purchase The Solitary Man by Ron Foster at Amazon. For more information on Ron visit him at You’ll be glad you read!


The Solitary Man by Ron Foster! — 2 Comments

  1. Great review.many thanks. I wrote the boring piece as a basis for factually telling folks it wasnt a opinion but a reaserchable fact on how people act after disasters. Its tone was academic so that it was understood I WAS CITING MY COLLEGE DAYS KNOWELDGE AND NOT PERSONAL OPINION. you did a wonderfull job as always and I look forward to your comments.

    • Ron,

      Appreciate you stopping by! Don’t get me wrong the information presented was solid and great supporting info. Just was going to need a fresh cup of coffee as it was late in the evening and was looking to be entertained as primary factor.

      That is one thing I love about your style. I can read for pleasure and soak up a ton of knowledge as you present it in a great way. Looking forward to many more books!