Announcing the great 20 buck Preps contest!

20 Buck Preps Contest

Yesterday we introduced the concept of the 20 buck preps to some readers and today we are announcing the 20 buck preps contest! I am looking forward to this contest as I am fairly certain that it will cause a lot of people to think and apply skills to complete the task.

The task in this case is to assemble the best possible survival kit to survive 72 hours for $20 dollars. In order to cross the goal line with this task you most likely will need to innovate and learn to shop at a wide variety of stores. I can tell you that zip ties, super glue, fishing line, dental floss, and duct tape may all be pretty useful stuff.

What kind of useful stuff will find a way into your kit? The answers will depend on where you live geographically, but I feel confident that the collective group will have some great answers.

Head on over to the contest page and submit your answers by Wednesday October 10, 2012 at 2100 EST. All answers will be judged and the top three winners will be announced. There will be a $50 dollar prize for 1st place. $20 dollar prize for 2nd place, and $10 for 3rd place. There will be three judges including Ron Foster (@SolarPrepper) who inspired the contest, GunPreparedness at (@gunpreparedness), and myself.

I am looking forward to the answers that are going to come and I know that the answers will help all of us as we get better prepared and learn to innovate and improvise when needed to get through a 72 hour event. The 20 buck preps contest is a great thing to stimulate old and new preppers.

Don’t forget to head over to the contest page at

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