Why a less intrusive government would spur innovation

Spur Innovation

Do we really want to spur innovation? I listened to part of a speech by Joel Salatin and boy does he knock it out of the park. The amount of regulation that we have today is harming the unique innovation that is needed for the true entrepreneur to enjoy success.

spur innovationThere are many reasons the regulations are in place. Make no mistake one of the reasons is to act as a barrier to entry. One thing that I have looked into is cheese making. If I wanted to make cheese for myself at home no problem. If I want to sell cheeses that I make then I would need an Inspected kitchen. Typically that will set someone back a minimum of $10,000. That limits the number of people to make cheese.

I think it is a critical step of any preparations or self-sufficiency to have alternative sources of income. Obviously one is not going to jump into cheese making full time if they have not successfully sold a few pounds of cheese. One of the small exceptions to this rule is the egg law in North Carolina and the small poultry producer law.

These laws were written to protect small farms and have been very beneficial to many folks here in North Carolina. As I talked about earlier the tax incentives favor big business and a lot of these same regulations do as well.

We must cut these regulations and reduce the barriers to entry to spur innovation. The American Spirit is strong and present it is just being regulated to death. Look at some of the businesses featured on the show Shark Tank or what some of the “Preppers” are doing to prepare for situations.

The preparations that are happening across the country can be a source of new businesses if the regulations are removed. I think that we need to spur innovation to regain control over the economy. History has shown that the new jobs come from the small business, but yet we continue to favor the big business.



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