Are you Prepping for the right reasons?

Prepping for the Right Reasons

Are you Prepping for the right reasons? All around us there are images of doom and gloom. Today marks the day that Doomsday Preppers debuts on television. Even during the Super Bowl Chevrolet had a commercial depicting life after TEOTWAWKI.

Chevy Silverado 2012

It appears that the Preppers visibility is being raised to mock or bring attention to it. There is not much difference between Prepping and self-sufficiency. That used to be the true American Dream. This of course was when this country believed in a agrarian society as we have talked about.

carla-homeThere is something peaceful knowing that you have the provisions, knowledge, and fortitude to provide your family through almost any event. We have lost so much knowledge about self-sufficiency and basic living without technology over three generations as we have talked about that people like the late Carla Emery pictured above were successful teaching classes on how to live.

If you are prepping for the right reasons you are getting ready for any negative outcome as well as living a simpler life. The same things that are wise to stock up on are the things that can save you money, make you healthier, and provide much needed family time. There is no better connection than working in the family garden. We must prepare ahead of time to ensure the skills are present before we depend on it.

No talk of preparedness or self-sufficiency can be considered complete without the discussion of God. Just like the Bible tells us that we will not know the time when Jesus returns we do not know the time TEOTWAWKI will happen. I read a pretty good thought on how quickly it could happen. I think any economic, militarily, terrorist, or natural event will be equally recognisable to the world as when Jesus returns. It is pretty much guaranteed to not be as spectacular, but there will be few that recognize it.

When it happens we will all need to be prepared for a very different world. Evil will certainly make its presence known from the onset. We all need to be as prepared as we can be. Prepping for the right reasons will ensure ample supplies to dispense charity through an intermediary as often as we can. We know that God will be watching our behavior even in dark times. There is no doubt that his power is ultimate as we discussed with the Caribsea. It is through his grace we even have a chance at eternal life.


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