When Terrorists Attack

When Terrorists Attack

Thirteen years ago was a dark day for the United States. When terrorists attack they actually unite the sleeping giant! On a day that anyone born before 1996 will remember exactly what they were doing when they heard the news thousands of unsuspecting Americans lost their lives.

Make no mistake as the number of lives affected reach into the millions when those cowards decided to use an air plane as a weapon. There have been thousands of lives lost by our Armed Forces as they have taken the fight to the terrorists on foreign lands. Many will say the United States is tired of fighting.

They would be warned to remember the lessons countries were afraid of from World War II. You do not want to bring the fight to US soil. It may look good in the planning stage, however when terrorists attack in the US you risk uniting all of us and bringing a nation of riflemen to flex their muscles.

No matter who is in charge in Washington remember that it is the people that ultimately hold the power! We will never forget the brave heroes showcased on this day thirteen years ago and the countless hero warriors that have taken the fight to them. We pray for the families and honor those that have paid the ultimate price!

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