Houston we have a Problem!

Houston we have a Problem!

One of the key slogans from Texas is they always do things bigger! The city of Houston certainly is going big in a colossal mess. Houston we have a problem and you are barking up the wrong tree. I was reading about the demand by the city of Houston for Pastors to turn over their sermons. Evidently the mayor is trying to use their sermons, communication, and beliefs against them.

I have previously stated in the past that Churches should give up their non-profit status. This is a great example of a politician trying to use the religious beliefs against the people that believe. That seems to be a clear violation of the 1st Amendment. The reality is I would not trust our activist judges to rule that way. They have already shown that they will trample over the rights and clear will of the People. This country was founded on the beliefs of God and while there should never be a state church it was clear that the intent was to always have God as our base.

It is the right guaranteed by the Constitution for someone to practice their own religion if they want, however the intent was that we would always be a Christian Nation. We have tumbled far from that and the City of Houston shows what the next step in the dismantling of this once Great Nation is.

It is time for the Church to stand up, shake off the chains that restrain them, and preach to their flock of the dangers of this world. We can no longer hesitate to stand back and say leave us alone. Houston we have a problem and our Pastors and Churches need to start the fight that will return our Christian values to the forefront.


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