What is the Legislature Thinking

Last week I thought they were telling me it was time to leave. Fortunately they got smart and dropped it. The reality is they figured out it was unwise politically. What is the Legislature thinking with SB463? Have they not listened to what the majority of citizens want?

It is pretty simple if you are not here legally then the citizens of North Carolina do not want to subsidize your college education. This bill should die in committee as it should. The citizens of North Carolina have been clear on this issue. It even woke up that RINO named Richard Burr. He remembered that it was almost election time so he should not grant amnesty.

I used to hope that Raleigh was going to show some leadership and tell Washington that we have tired of their crap and we would not tolerate their actions anymore. Has the Legislature in North Carolina lost their way. I just do not know what a Republican Senator is doing being the primary on SB643. What is the Legislature thinking. Fortunately I have a glimmer of hope that Senator Phil Berger still has control.

He understands that the majority of North Carolina wants lower government spending and daily input in our lives. Less government and less money sent to the different governments.

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