Land of the Hacked

While there are many people out there taking about being hacked little attention is being paid here in the Land of the Hacked to a real threat that has been going on for years. As news begins to leak that Baltimore Police have been tracking people through Stinger sites.

A stinger site is a fake cell phone tower that police departments put up to capture data and “locate bad guys”. They are also grabbing the data for law abiding citizens. In Baltimore they like to use it a lot. Supposedly 4,300 times since 2007. The beauty of this is they have NDA’s in force so they can not tell a judge what they are doing.

The technology is there and they often use it to increase a phone signal or make a phone ring when they show up at your door on an alleged complaint. Most people willingly let them in and then they find the phone. If they have the technology to increase your signal strength that can do almost anything else.

There is no need for judicial over sight or even citizen review here in the Land of the Hacked. It may not be some ISIS hack it is your own country. Welcome to the glory days of the KGB. They would be proud in the Soviet Union.

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